The first digital platform created to claim, collect and publish defaults consolidates its innovative business model with two new partners

Both Informa D&B and everis enter with a 30% stake each in the shareholding of the Granada startup

The investment in the share capital amounts to 2.4 million euros

Madrid, May 14, 2019.- The Andalusian startup ICIRED, the first digital platform that has revolutionized the fight against bad debts in Spain, consolidates its innovative business model after sealing a strategic alliance with Informa D&B (a subsidiary of CESCE), leader in the supply of Commercial, Financial, Sectorial and Marketing Information, and the multinational business consultancy everis.

Both partners have ratified their entry into the share capital of Icired, contributing 2.4 million euros between the two to each acquire 30% of the company dedicated to sharing and recovering bad debts.With the signing of this important agreement, innovation, experience and technology are added, making ICIRED a powerful and effective tool in the requirement and collection of defaults, as well as in the exchange of information between its users, guaranteeing solvency in the hiring.

Thanks to the entry into the shareholding of Informa D&B, it will be connected to the financial system of our country and to multiple clients. The everis Initiatives division has been in charge of software development and technological implementation.

Both partners contribute with their experience an added value to ICIRED, a pioneer platform in the claim and publication of debts that has the first online credit information registry, open so that it can be used by any natural or legal person, which implies democratization and revolution in delinquency files and credit risk information systems. With its two new shareholders, the Granada startup consolidates a project that has been able to take advantage, since its creation in 2013, of the opportunities offered by the new digital era in the fight against bad debts, making available to its clients an innovative tool to facilitate the collection of defaults and share information about debts at the stroke of a single click, in an easy and simple way. In this way, ICIRED joins the new collaborative economy business models. All this, complying with the new Law on Data Protection and Guarantee of Digital Rights and maximum legal security.

ICIRED continues to grow

After this strategic alliance, Juan Mª Sainz Muñoz, CEO of Informa D&B, highlighted: “The concern about bad debts is a constant among companies, which are our clients. Our entry into ICIRED is a great opportunity that will allow us to expand the information that we already show in our reports, offer its debt recovery service, as well as work together in the development of innovative solutions that help companies make safe decisions » .

For its part, the Initiatives division of the everis group reinforces its commitment to the fintech and legaltech sectors with this operation, through a business model leveraged on innovative technologies. In the same way, it highly values ​​the alliance with Informa D&B, which allows the consolidation of an excellent collaborative project with a positive impact on society by promoting a safer and more trustworthy economic environment.

Finally, the founding partner of ICIRED, the Granada-born lawyer José Enrique Rodríguez Zarza, thanked his two new shareholders and his work team for “the trust placed in an innovative business whose main purpose is to facilitate the collection of outstanding, overdue and overdue debts. enforceable by law, through our digital platform from 29.90 euros, being the defaults included in the online delinquency file, if the debtor does not make the payment within the term granted from the notification «.

In this sense, he highlighted as the main novelty «the possibility of having, for the first time, information on non-financial debt, in a file that can be consulted, completely free of charge, by individuals, freelancers, companies or financial entities».

Rodríguez Zarza has placed special emphasis on «the importance of information exchange, in prevention work, when guaranteeing solvency in hiring». “To this is added that the file is regularly consulted by banks and financial institutions to prepare solvency reports, which leads the debtors included in it to comply with their contractual obligations. All this, scrupulously complying with the provisions of the new Law on Data Protection and Digital Rights Guarantee ”, he concluded.

Attached photo caption: From left. to right: Oscar del Barrio Cruz, partner of everis, Juan Mª Sainz Muñoz, CEO of Informa D&B, and Enrique Rodríguez Zarza, founding partner of ICIRED.

Corporate information

ICIRED INVERSIONES COLECTIVAS EN RED S.L. It was created in 2013 by the Granada lawyer José Enrique Rodríguez Zarza. Later, the businessman Juan González de la Cámara joined the project, who acquired a minority percentage of the company and INDUSTRIAS KOLMER S.A. who provided the necessary initial funds.The company Momo Fintech dedicated to the sector of payments with electronic money regulated by the new PSD2 regulation is another of the companies that participates in the project and with which they are working on digital payment technology for online claims of the Icired platform .

INFORMA D&B is the leading company in the supply of Commercial, Financial, Sectorial and Marketing Information, with a consolidated turnover of 90.5 million euros in 2018. Created in 1992 by CESCE with the aim of establishing in Spain a Server Center of Company Information, currently has a national Database with 6.8 million registered economic agents and, as a member of the D&B Worldwide Network, offers access to on-line information of more than 300 million companies from all over the world. the world.INFORMA D&B has a workforce of more than 350 people, has its headquarters in Madrid and has offices in 20 Spanish cities.

INFORMA D&B is part of CESCE, which is the benchmark group in comprehensive risk management, with more than 1,600 employees serving more than 140,000 clients, with a turnover of more than 420 million euros. For all this, 3 million users through its three brands, Informa, eInforma and DBK, 89% of the Ibex 35 companies and more than 95% of the financial institutions trust INFORMA to make their risk decisions.

EVERIS is a company of the NTT DATA group that offers business solutions, strategy, development and maintenance of technological applications, and outsourcing. The company, which operates in the telecommunications, financial institutions, industry, utilities, energy, public administration and health sectors, achieved a turnover of 1,173 million euros in the last fiscal year. At present, it has more than 21,000 professionals distributed in its offices and high-performance centers in 17 countries.

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